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 Chris fell in love with martial arts from watching the likes of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

He began his martial arts training around the age of nine, beginning with Judo and then dabbling briefly in Wing Chun and Muay Thai before going onto discover the Genbukan when he was seventeen.

He joined the Kinkan Dojo branch, under the instruction of Jason Hindley and has followed the teachings of the Genbukan ever since.

He has worked through the various grades of the taught systems, and travelled the world to train under the Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura (Soke).

Chris first started teaching Ninpo/Ninjutsu back in 2009, volunteering at the children’s classes of the Kinkan Dojo. He learned to develop different strategies to assist children in understanding the key points of each technique, helping them grasp the how, the why and the when.

This gained knowledge has substantially influenced his approach to teaching adults, helping them attain their potential.

This has been evidenced when called upon to cover classes for his mentor the chief instructor of the Kinkan Dojo.

He has also volunteered for a club that specialized in helping to teach children with disabilities to swim. Chris' skills were soon evident and he was selected to be a personal care assistant for a young boy with severe learning disabilities; deficiencies with communication skills, expressive language, and extremely challenging behavior.

Chris exhibited an excellent understanding of how this young boy was likely to behave in different trigger situations, and manage the boy's interactions with a variety of different people and environments.

In June 2019 Soke, the Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura, granted Chris permission to begin his own dojo, gifting him with the name "Suirin". Suirin translates to Water Circle.

Dojo names encapsulate the personal qualities and attributes of the instructor, and convey a far deeper meaning than a simple translation implies. 

One of Chris' goals is to make these traditional Japanese martial arts accessible to adults and children of all ages, providing them with the opportunity to learn true self-defence.


kids classes-0303.jpg

Ranks Chris currently holds:

Ninpo Taijutsu Ni Dan


Jujutsu Ni Dan


Biken Jutsu 6th Kyu


Bojutsu Shokyu


Shinden Fudo Ryu Daken-Taijutsu Tanemura-Ha Kirigami

Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu Yamamoto-Ha Shoden Menkyo


Shinden Fudo Ryu Jutaijutsu Tanemura-Ha Shoden Menkyo


Mugen Shinto Ryu Iai-Jutsu Shoden Menkyo

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